Parallax Example

Using jQuery scrollRelation

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View the page source for insight into how you can use the very simple calculation from the jQuery scrollRelation plugin to create your own custom parallax effects.

The effects on this page are completely dynamic and accommodate the size of the content, but this code might not work for every case or screen size as-is.

Each background is attached to a moving .parallax div with an initial position set, and a script calculation moving the element to the maximum desired offset.

scrollRelation takes care of scaling that offset when you scroll!


If you want to know more, you should really check out the scrollRelation GitHub repository.


The repository page should always be the go-to source for documentation, issue tracking, feature requests, and really anything you want to know about this plugin.



Did you know the term parallax is hundreds of years old?

The concept is certainly older!

It describes a basic 2-dimensional visual queue that we unconsciously translate into 3-dimensional space.

When we see something moving slower, it automatically makes us think it is farther away.

Especially if details of the slower image are smaller, it encourages us to believe there is depth to what we're seeing.

There are lots more visual queues like this to learn, and I wouldn't be surprised if more start gaining popularity for the web like parallax has!

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